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Vigne Matte: valued sparkling wines, as good as they get

In the DOCG zone dedicated to Prosecco Superiore, there's a picturesque hamlet where time seems stand still - it's an authentic corner of paradise. This hamlet is known as Rolle, 'a small hillside villa nestled in the mountains' as described in ancient documents. To reach Rolle from Conegliano, you have to pass the area's rolling hills and go toward the town of Refrontolo and the characteristic Mulinetto della Croda. The landscape, with its unique, fortunate nature is protected from northern winds by the Dolomites' nearby peaks, providing this territory with just the right microclimate for great thermal settings. The vineyards' exposure to sun and our modern vine-growing techniques and wine-production strategies contribute to guaranteeing the acknowledged high quality of our company's wines.


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